Regulations CEWL


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Regulations govering the Central Europe Women League Season 2019/20



I. Administration


A. Definition

Art. 1Competition

1.1 The Central Europe Women League (CEWL) is a Club Competition for women's clubs, legally and formally organised, governed and administered by National Federations of involved clubs.


B. Governing Bodies

Art. 2 The Competitions’ Commission - The Administrator

2.1 Above mentioned National Federations delegates authority to its Competitions’ Commission - hereafter called "the Commission" - to approve the games, to administer the competition and to supervise the discipline of players, clubs and any other person involved with the organisation of the CEWL

2.2 The Commission is composed of members nominated by respective National  Federation.

2.3 Main Administrator of the CEWL is member of the Secretariat of the Czech Basketball Federation


Art.3  Role of National Federations

3.1 Each National Federation shall be responsible for managing its commercial policy


Art.4. Administration

4.1 The administration of the competition will be shared between National Federations for the issuance of licenses, nominations and the keeping of results and statistics.

4.2 All results and statistics should be sent also to the Main Administrator


C. Marketing and Television Rights

Art.5. General Principles

5.1 Host club shall retain its income and is entitled to use the television and advertising rights for broadcasting on its national territory only


D. Participants

Art. 6 All participating National Federations will nominates its clubs



II. System of Competition and Calendar



Art. 7  System

Will be finalised after registrations of all teams:


In case of maximum 12 teams

Participating teams will be divided to 2 groups.

Round Robin System - home and away games 

The two best teams from each group will play Final Four

In case of more than 12 teams:

Participation teams will be divided to 4 groups

The winners of the groups will play Final Four


A. Draw

Draw will be held in Prague, the date will be fixed later


B. Schedule of games:

Will be conformed with the official calendar of FIBA-Europe – playing dates as ELW – preferable – Wednesday



III. Finances


Art.8. Host club/organiser:

Each organising (host) club will cover the following expenses :

- Organising expenses

- Fees and travel expenses of 2 referees and 1 commissioner /according to the “home” conditions/


Art 9  Visiting Clubs

Each visiting club will cover its own travel expenses to the town of the organising club and accommodation and meals. Organiser offers the accommodation with reasonable prices. Clubs can also agree the reciprocity concerning to the accommodation and meals.



IV. Players


A. Eligibility of Players

Art.10 The national federation is responsible for the eligibility of its players at all times

Only those players who are duly registered for their clubs and in possession of National Licence for Players are entitled to participate. Number of foreign players - according to the “home” Regulations



V. Referees, Commissioner


Art. 11 Governing Body

The responsible person nominated by respective National Federation appoints two referees  and a commissioner for each game /home officials/


Art. 12 Procedures

A game form with the place and date of the game and names of the referees is sent to   both clubs, as well as to the referees


Art.13 Commissioner

The responsible person nominated by respective National Federation will appoint one commissioner for all games. Main administrator nominates a commissioner for Final Four.


Art.14 Duties of the Referees

The referees shall conduct the game in accordance with the Official Basketball Rules of FIBA and the official FIBA interpretations of these rules.

The commissioner /referee/ shall inspect and approve all equipment to be used during the game and  check the scoresheet after game.

Financial Provisions


Art. 15 Expenses - General Principles

The organising club is obliged to cover the fee and travel expenses of referees and a Commissioner according to the “home” financial regulations.



VI. Sanctions, protests and fines


A. General Principles

Art. 16  Responsibility of Clubs

Clubs participating in the CEWL are responsible for:

- Complying with the Regulations governing the CEWL.

- Ensuring the exemplary behaviour of all members of the club (directors, players, coaches, assistant coaches, club managers, club followers, club supporters (spectators), or any other person forming part of the club or acting on behalf of the club) for home and away games as well as the general smooth running of the games.


Art. 17  Competence of the Commission

The Commission is competent to:

Examine appeals which may be lodged during the CEWL competition.


B. Protests

Art. 18 Result of the Game

A club may submit a protest if it believes its interests have been adversely affected by a decision of an official (referee or umpire) or by any event that took place during a game, and that this influenced the result of the game.

The process of submission (but not the deposit) shall be in accordance with the Official Basketball Rules.

The protest shall be sent to the Main Administrator of CEWL and to the opposing club within forty-eight (48) hours of the occurrence.

The appeals shall be sent to the Secretary General of the Czech Basketball Federation within forty-eight (48) hours after receiving the decision of first instance.

The Secretary General of CBF collects the decisions of members of Commission “per rollam” and issues of the final decision.


Art. 19.  Procedure

First instance: Main administrator

Appeal (last instance): The Commission

  Disciplinary Penalties

  Disciplinary penalties of involved National Federation will be used.



VII. Organisation of the game


A. Game

Art. 20 General Principles

All games will be played in accordance with the current Official Basketball Rules of FIBA.


Art. 21 Technical Equipment

The organising club guarantee, that all technical equipment conforms to the rules, is available at the venue and is in good working order.


Art. 22 Table Officials

The table officials (scorer, assistant scorer, timekeeper, 24-second operator) shall be appointed by the national federation of the country where the game is to take place. The national federation is responsible for ensuring that the scorer's table functions smoothly and that the table officials are competent and absolutely impartial.


Art. 23 Players

The playing uniforms must conform to the Official Basketball Rules. The home team shall wear light coloured uniforms (preferably white) and the visiting team shall wear dark coloured uniforms.


Art. 24  Medical Doctor

Each organising club is responsible for providing a registered medical doctor at each game.


Art. 25  Additional Personnel

Personnel must be available to dry wet spots which may occur on the court during the game. They should kneel or sit so as not to obstruct the television cameras and/or referees.


Art. 26  Team Mascots

Team mascots, cheerleaders and other type of entertainment, are permitted, but must remain outside the playing court and behind the advertising boards during play.

They may only enter the court during time-outs or intervals of play and they must leave the court at least 10 seconds before play resumes.


B. Technical Specifications

Art. 27  Playing Area

The court dimensions shall be 28 x 15 m and at every point, at least 2 m from the advertising boards and all obstructions.


Art. 28 Team Benches

Only 14 seats are allowed in the team bench area.


Art. 29 Backboards support systems, backboards and basket

All the specifications for level 2 competitions (see Basketball Equipment Appendix to the Official Basketball Rules) must be met.

Each club must have readily available:

A spare glass backboard,

A spare glass backboard with a pressure-release ring attached,

Instructions and necessary tools for the fast replacement of a broken glass backboard.


Art. 30 Scoreboards

See Basketball Equipment Appendix to the Official Basketball Rules, chapter 9.


Art. 31 Electronic equipment

The scoreboards must be in accordance with the Basketball Equipment Appendix to the Official Basketball Rules, chapters 8 and 9.

The 24-second device must be in accordance with the Basketball Equipment Appendix to the Official Basketball Rules, chapter 10. The 24-second display unit together with the additional game clock and the red light must be mounted above each backboard.

The sound signals must be loud enough to drown out any possible noise in the playing arena.


Art. 32  Balls

Only basketball approved by FIBA (black category) shall be used. Size 6


Art. 33  Official Statistics Sheet

It is recommended that the statistics of the game be distributed to the media at the end of each quarter. The standard content of such statistics shall be in accordance with the FIBA Europe Official Statistics Sheet. The Official Statistics Interpretations provided in ‘Basketball Statistics Manual’ are mandatory.



VIII. Final four



Art. 34 General Principles

The games of the Final Four are considered as a whole in terms of organisation.

The Commission and the Main Administrator are responsible for the organisation.

The Commission are responsible for supervising the organisation of the games both before and after they have taken place.


Art. 35 Organiser

The Final Four will take place in the hall of one participating teams.


Art. 36  Television and Advertising Rights

See Art. 37


Art. 37 Financial Provisions

Option 1:

The organiser shall cover general organising expenses (rental, taxes, table officials, statistics and  services provided for the press, etc.) and the local transportation of the commissioner, referees .

The participating clubs shall cover their own travel expenses to and from the venue of  the Final Four.

The organiser cover the following general costs :

The staying expenses for four participating clubs /18 persons/ for two days.

The staying expenses for the representatives of the National Federations /max.3 per F./

The staying expenses for the Members of Commission

All expenses and fees of the commissioner and referees

The organiser has all marketing and television rights and keep all income from ticket sales


Option 2:

In case that any participants will not be able to fulfil above mentioned conditions and the Commission will not find any sponsor for FF,  all participants should cover its travel and staying expenses and share the fees, travel and staying expenses of referees and commissioner.

The income from the TV and marketing rights will be sold according to the agreement between the main administrator and the  organiser and will be used for covering expenses related with FF.     


Art. 38 Commissioner

The Commission will appoint one commissioner.


Art. 39 Referees

The Executive Commission will appoint six (6)  referees.


Art  40 Participation Fee:

500,- EUR

All clubs will send the participation fee + caution to the following bank account :



Zátopkova 100/2, Praha 6

IČO : 45770778

TEL. : +420-220 512 491, 257 212 338

FAX :  +420-233 346 440

Bank  : Komercni banka, a.s., Czech Republic

Branch : 110 00 Praha 1, Pohořelec 22

Bank Account : 271555530237/0100,

IBAN: CZ4801000000271555530237




IX. Approval



Art.42 These Regulations was approved by the all participating National Federations and has been approved by the General Secretary of FIBA-Europe