Trutnov ends in big style


Kara Trutnov - SBS Ostrava 92:32 (23:9; 46:18; 70:22)

Vondráčková 20, Fall 19, Pazderová 15, Cady 13, Ovsíková 12, Nagyová 7, Herinková 3, Russell 3 - Havlíková 6, Kubíčková 6, Rašková 6, Butts 4, Burzová 3, McMahon 2, Pavlicová 2, Smutná 2, Kopecká 1, Miklíková 0


Ostrava added two new players to roster before the game at Trutnov and went the their last game in current CEWL season with fresh victory at Arad. It was their first victory in CEWL, so it was clear, that they will not play Final 4. Trutnov was in another situation, confirmed the Final 4 spot in last game (at Ostrava) and could enjoy this game. Home team won from the beginning to the end. Trutnov played very well in defense and it was destruction of Ostrava. The final score was by 60 points. Lenka Pazderova booked double-double thanks 15 points and 13 rebounds.