CEWL Final 4 - 15th and 16th of March


Final Four of CEWL (Central Europe Women League) will held on March, 15th and 16th in the city of Alba Iulia (Romania) with the following teams:


C.S.U. Alba Iulia (ROM)

Univ. Goldis ICIM ARAD (ROM)

Flying Foxes Wien (AUT)

Piestanske Cajky (SVK)





Universitatea Aubla Iulia

Gabriel Bethlen 5

Alba Iulia





15.03.2014 SF1 Univ. Goldis ICIM Arad - Piestanske Cajky 15:00  
15.03.2014 SF2 C.S.U. Alba Iulia - Flying Foxes Wien 18:00  
Medal games
16.03.2014 Bronze medal Loser SF1 - Loser SF2 15:00  
16.03.2014 Final Winner SF1 - Winner SF2 18:00  



Standings, games and statistics of Preliminary Round - check here