Triumph for home KP Brno

Home team KP Brno lost during 2nd quarter 16 points, but on the end celebrates victory! It was nice game in the final. Cajky started with great defense and Brno made much of turnovers. Everything chenged in 16th minute, when Brno was down and could to lost the game. KP improved defense and especially was better in offense. The difference in half time was only five points.


Brno continued with good performance on both court sides also after the break. The successful three-point shot from Kopecka on the end of 3rd quarter meant 9 points leading for Brno. Cajky tried to change the result in the last quarter, but from the result 51:55 scored only two points and home team could celebrate the big triumph.


KP Brno – Piestanske Cajky 65:53 (15:22; 32:37; 53:44)

Kopecka 22, Peckova 18, Madden 12 – Palenikova 14, Handy 12, Mikulasikova and Olivier po 9



Bronze medal won in the first game Flying Foxes SVS Post. Austrian team started very well and was by 16 points forward. But players from the bench was not so effective in next minutes and 6 minutes before the end of the game was it tied. More experienced team of Flying Foxes did good job in last minutes, so they can celebrate bronze medals.


SBS Ostrava - Flying Foxes SVS Post 71:76 (11:21 30:38 48:52)

Butts and Smutna 18, Vojtikova 15 – Riley 25, Perostiyska and Weisner po 12, Kostov 10