Title to Arad, bronze for Cajky



Univ. Goldis ICIM Arad - C.S.U. Alba Iulia 75:68 (22:16; 47:32; 58:47)

It looked like non-stress was for gold from start to the end of game for Univ. Goldis ICIM Arad. Start to the game with the row 9:0 was amazing. Arad dominated in the first half and a title defending for Alba Iulia looked only like a dream, but... Than come the second half and Alba Iulia gave the heads up and the deficit was only five points. But in the key phase was better Arad – made three-pointers, had important rebounds on the both court sides and gain gold medals – without any lose in the whole CEWL season.


Jose Araujo, Univ. Goldis ICIM Arad: “We played very well the first half and started well to the second one, but Alba could come back to the game, played better in defense and it changed the game to the next minutes. We were nervous and our offense look different. We lost a big part of our leading. We could play better in the last quarter and in the key minutes and we are very happy. After last year, when we lost the final game with Alba, is it my first trophy in the competition, which we very like to attend. It is great competition for our team, whole town and I like it like a coach. I hope, we will play CEWL next year, but it depends on the club management.”


Miroslav Popović, C.S.U. Alba Iulia: “My team started the first quarter very lazy, bad and we gave Arad chance to go immediately to ten and more point front. That was very disappoint, how we played in offense – we want but we made a stupid mistakes. After the half time, when we spoke in locker room and said that there are not us and we know play better. We changed defense, started to play normal in offense and we little by little come back, but we didn't have power to make some changing. Arad is good team and I am satisfied with only the second half.”



Piestanske Cajky - Basketball Nymburk 71:64 (20:21; 33:34; 53:51)


Bronze medal to Slovakia. Piestanske Cajky gain the medal after last year fourth place on Final 4 in Arad. They beat home team Basketball Nymburk in today's bronze medal game by seven points. The key phase for close game was in the third quarter. Nymburk lead by 8 points, but Cajky scored 13 points in the row! Nymburk had the double-figures deficit in the last quarter, but thanks big energy by veterans Bortelova and Misurova deleted this to a few points. Slovak team scored than three-pointers and gain medals.


Martin Pospisil, Piestanske Cajky: “It is a big success for our club. We wanted to play final game, but third place is great for us, because Nymburk has really good team and big game quality. We won thanks the phase, when we went from deficit 38:45 to leading 51:45, we played very well in defense and Nymburk didn't have easy shots. Our transition was better and mady Nymburk problems. These easy points from fast breaks were very important for final result.”


Daniel Kurucz, Basketball Nymburk: “The opponent was better on rebounding. They had more than 50 rebounds, we had only 30. You saw, we missed Monroe and had substitute her by another players from the bench. We shoot well and the performance was good too, spectators had to like it.”



All Tournament Team:

Meighan Simmons (Arad)

Veronika Bortelová (Nymburk)

Lucia Krč-Turbová (Čajky)

Jessice Kuster (Alba Iulia)

Katherine Plouffe (Arad)


Best scorer

Jessica Kuster (Alba Iulia)



Katherine Plouffe (Arad)